Please submit the online application form no later than midnight (EST) January 15, 2019.

Upon submitting the online application form below, please immediately email with the remainder of your required application materials (listed below) as email attachments. All application materials must be received no later than January 15, 2019.

  1. Proof of age – PDF or JPEG file (e.g., passport preferred, birth certificate accepted) Please note: for your privacy, please black out any confidential information (social security number).

  2. Three publicity photographs - recent color photographs in a high quality JPEG format. One photograph should be front/waist up, another should be with a harp, and the third is your choice.

  3. A one-page resumé – PDF file

Name *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
For correspondence from April 1, 2019 to July 31, 2019.
Required Format: Institution, Degree: Years Attended Example: The Juilliard School, Bachelor of Music: 2017 - present
Required Format: Name of Teacher, Years Studied Example: Susann McDonald, 2012-2016
Professional experience can range from featured solo performances, concerto performances, positions and performances with orchestras, and competition experience. (minimum 1 experience, maximum 4 experiences) Submitted answers will be listed (at the USAIHC's discretion) in the contestant profiles within the 11th USAIHC Program Book. Required Format Example: Experience: Year Examples: Concerto Soloist, New York Philharmonic: 2017 Guest Principal Harpist, Berlin Philharmonic: 2016 Winner, Lyon & Healy Awards: 2015 Solo Recital, Carnegie Hall: 2012
(minimum 300 words, maximum 1000 words)
Planned performance sequence of the three required pieces for Stage I. Include the number, key, and BWV number of the J.S. Bach Prelude & Fugue you plan to perform. Required Format: Last name of Composer: Title of Composition Example: Presle: Le Jardin Mouillé Bach: Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C Major, BWV 846 Spohr: Variations sur l’air “Je suis encore dans mon printemps”, Op. 36
Planned performance sequence of the four required pieces for Stage II. Required Format: Last name of Composer: Title of Composition Example: Fauré: Une Châtelaine en sa Tour Tailleferre: Sonata for Harp Renié: Ballade Fantastique Rota: Sarabanda e Toccata
Planned free choice program repertoire and performance sequence of Stage III. Must include the 6th Composition Contest winning Composition Required Format: Last name of Composer: Title of Composition Example: 6th Composition Contest winning Composition Renié: Danse des Lutins Tournier: Sonatine, Op. 30 Salzedo: Variations sur un théme dans le style ancien
If you have worked with or recorded for any composer(s) who prepared and submitted a piece for the 6th Composition Contest, provide the First & Last Name of the composer(s) and title(s) of the composition(s). *Note: Any harpist who has had access to the winning composition of the 6th Solo Harp Composition Contest prior to publication is not eligible to receive the prize for the “Best Performance of the Winning Composition”. Required Format Example: Jeremiah Siochi - Sublimation
Please provide a link (Google Docs, Box, Dropbox, YouTube, etc) to a current video folder or file(s) of you performing the Stage I Repertoire. i. Contestants are permitted to stop between the three works. ii. Memorization of all repertoire is required. iii. No editing or sound enhancements of any kind are permitted within the recording.
Declaration and Release Form *
I declare that the information given in the foregoing application form is complete and truthful. As an accepted participant in the USA International Harp Competition, I shall abide by all rules and regulations of the Competition as set out on the Competition website ( I further declare that if I gain an award in the Competition I shall honor all commitments arising from the award. I hereby grant permission for part or all of any of my performances in the USA International Harp Competition to be electronically recorded, filmed or videotaped for distribution live, tape-delayed or by future transmission in all media. I will make no claim whatsoever for any funds which may accrue to the USA International Harp Competition, its assignees or licensees, resulting from the use of such recorded, filmed, or videotaped material. By submission of this application, I acknowledge that I wish to participate in the USA International Harp Competition, and that my participation is wholly voluntary. In consideration of my opportunity to participate in the USA International Harp Competition I agree to release and hold harmless the USA International Harp Competition, the Trustees of Indiana University, the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, and each of their officers, directors, employees, volunteers, and agents, from any liability for any personal injury or illness or damage to property that may occur or arise out of my participation in and during the Competition. I understand, therefore, that as a participant, I am responsible for securing health insurance in case of illness or accident, as well as property insurance for my property, including my harp. I also understand that if I am a non-U.S. citizen, there is no national health insurance provided to cover me while traveling in the United States, and therefore, I will be personally responsible for any and all health coverage and costs that I may incur while participating in the USA International Harp Competition.
A non-refundable Application Fee of $250 USD must be paid to the USA International Harp Competition no later than January 15, 2019. Methods of payment include: - Certified check (mail to: USA International Harp Competition, P.O. Box 5008, Bloomington, IN 47407) - Credit Card via PayPal (invoice will be sent to your email upon receipt of application) - Wire transfer (please email for information) Please note there is an additional $10 charge if the application fee is paid by credit card ($260 USD) or $20 charge if the application fee is paid by wire transfer ($270 USD).