3rd USA International Harp Competition

July 5-17, 1995



Gold Medal
Gaëlle Vandernoot, France

1995 - Gaelle Vandernoot.jpg

Gaëlle Vandernoot performs as soloist and with orchestras in concerts across Europe and the United States.  After winning the 1995 competition, she made her debut recital in Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York. From 1996-2001, Gaëlle was Professor of Advanced Instrumental Studies at the Rhone-Alps Centre of Music Education.  She has released four CD’s, including her most recent album Love Spirit. Ms. Vandernoot continues to concertize and enjoys advancing the many facets of the harp outside of classical music. 

Bronze Medal: Gaëlle Thouvenin, France

Silver Medal: Marie-Pierre Langlamet, France


Fourth Prize:  Ksenia Markina, Russia

Fifth Prize:  Miyabi Matsuokal, Japan

Sixth Prize:  Tat'iana Oskolkova, Russia

Seventh Prize:  Nika Riabchinenko, Russia

Eighth Prize:  María Luisa Rayan, Argentina