Thursday, May 26, 2016
Repertoire Announcement

10th USA International Harp Competition:

June 8-18, 2016

Repertoire Announced: 2016 Repertoire

Jury Announced: 2016 Jury

Prizes Announced: 2016 Prizes

2016 Schedule: 10th Competition Schedule of Events


Jeremiah Siochi

5th Solo Harp Composition Contest Winner Announced!

The winning composition is Sublimation by Jeremiah Siochi of Arlington, Virginia (USA).

With 114 score submitted by composers from 34 different countries, this was the largest Contest to date.

For more information, click here.

Listen to Sublimation here.

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The Mission of the USA International Harp Competition is:

to elevate exceptional harpists to extraordinary heights through performance, new music, and education.

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Harp Dreams wins 3 regional Emmys as well as the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award 

Harp Dreams, the WTIU-produced documentary of the 2007 competition, showcases the best young harpists in the world as they prepare for a high-stakes ten-day event held every three years at the Jacobs School of Music on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University.  The documentary is a celebration of contestants from around the world and, ultimately, the competition itself.

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2010 Winners

Agnes Clement of France was awarded the Gold Medal in the 2010 Competition. Ms. Clement has studied harp with Fabrice Pierre, Park Stikney and Sylvain Blassel and bassoon with Jean Pignoly. She has won national and international prizes for both harp and bassoon. She will make her United States debut tour November 8, 9, and 12, 2011.   Ms. Clement also has a CD recording sponsored by Lyon & Healy Harps.

  • Silver Medal Winner – Rino Kageyama, Japan
  • Bronze Medal Winner – Vasilisa Lushchevskaya, Russia
  • Fourth Prize – Coline-Marie Orliac, France
  • Fifth Prize – Jimin Lee, United Kingdom / South Korea
  • Sixth Prize – Ruriko Yamamiya, Japan
  • Seventh Prize –Gwenllian Llyr, United Kingdom (Wales)
  • Eighth Prize – Marta Marinelli, Italy

Special Prizes:

  • Jan Jennings Prize: Best Performance of R. Gliere’s Concerto for Harp and Orchestra – Rino Kageyama, Japan
  • Mario Falcao Prize: Best performance of Maganuco’s Awakening Stillnesses – Coline-Marie Orliac, France

Composition Prize:

  • American Harp Society Composition Prize – Michael Maganuco, USA for Awakening Stillnesses performed as part of Stage 3 required repertoire

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